Is your outdated CV holding you back?

Let us help transform your CV so that you can find the flexible career you want and deserve.

Has it been some time since you updated your CV? Could you be missing out on new career opportunities and securing the flexible job you want and deserve?

In this e-learning course, we’re going to make it easier for you to quickly refresh and update your CV so that you are ready to market your expertise successfully and secure that interview.

We will guide you step-by-step through the process of writing your CV. We’ll explain how to structure your CV, what to write for each section, how to handle career gaps and how to tailor your CV for the job you want.

We will help you to present yourself successfully as the perfect candidate for the job.


The Essential CV Makeover for Mums is a comprehensive e-learning course to help you revamp your CV.

  • Life-time access

    You'll have life-time access to the course. This means that you can work through the content at your own pace and come back to it as many times as you like in the future.

  • Write your CV

    We explain how to structure your CV and how to tackle each section from the personal statement to skills and key achievements. We provide advice on how to manage career gaps and career changes and share design tips to ensure your CV stands out from the crowd.

  • Worksheets and templates

    We provide simple templates to help you write the different sections of your CV and work through the online course content.


  • An easy way to structure your CV so that it's inviting to read

  • A quick way to pull out your key skills and achievements

  • Our model for writing a powerful personal statement

  • How to use keywords effectively and beat applicant tracking systems

  • A simple method of proofreading so that tiny mistakes don't cost you an interview

  • A system for improving the visual look and feel of your document


Whether your CV needs a bit of updating or a complete overhaul we'll take you through a step-by-step approach to get it done.

  • CHOOSE YOUR CV TYPE. We'll show you different ways in which you could present your CV, what will work best for you and why.

  • WRITE YOUR PERSONAL STATEMENT. Using a simple model, we'll give you a template to design a great personal statement to start your CV.

  • DEFINE YOUR CORE SKILLS AND ACHIEVEMENTS. We'll help you rediscover your career highlights and help you to market yourself in words.

  • MAKE IT LOOK GOOD. We'll show you how to improve the look of your CV, manage career gaps and navigate career changes. No graphic design knowledge needed!

  • TAILOR YOUR CV. We'll demonstrate how you can tailor each CV to the job. This is a crucial part of CV design. One size does not fit all!


  • You're a mum coming back from maternity leave or a longer career break after having kids

  • You might be thinking about making a career change and want help tailoring your CV

  • You're struggling to find the time and energy to sort out your CV

  • It's been a while since you updated your CV and you worry that it looks outdated

  • You've seen some creative CVs on the Internet but you don't know which approach is right for you

  • You don't want to miss out on any opportunities because you weren't ready with your CV



We are Becky Willding-Jones and Rachel Veal, Co-Founders of Coaching Partners. 

We are professionally qualified career coaches with over 30 years' experience in Human Resources. We know what employers are looking for and have personally screened thousands of CVs. We know how to get your CV seen and into the 'YES' pile.

We constantly keep up to date with best practice for CV design in the job market. 

We are excited to support you in writing your CV and getting that interview!

You can find out more about all our career coaching services on our website here


Client - The Essential CV Makeover For Mums Coaching

Amy A

Becky was extremely friendly and struck me as someone who knew her stuff. I wasn’t wrong. She supported me in re-working my cv, bringing out all the key elements and tailoring it to the job at hand. She worked with me flexibly and at pace, increasing my confidence at a time when I was returning to the covid workplace after a year off and enabled me to feel I could go for promotion, despite having been away. Becky puts you at ease and gives you the confidence and tools you need to press ahead to where you want to be.

Moving forward

Deborah S.

As a mum of a three year old, working with Rachel really helped me focus my mind on my career aspirations. Our sessions provided quality time to discuss ideas, work through obstacles and clarify my thought processes, from my working style and values to the practical requirements of taking the next step.

Time out to reflect

Yvonne M.

I found it really useful to have someone to support me who was objective and creative in discussing different ideas. It was helpful to take time out and reflect on what my work/life priorities were and I had a clear action plan to work on following the coaching programme.

Focused my thoughts about returning

Anna M.

Becky really helped me focus my thoughts when I was thinking about going back to work after my first baby. She helped me with my flexible work options and gave me the confidence to know what I was entitled to ask for. Nothing was too much trouble and it was lovely to have the professional support over such an important time.

Direction and clarity

Charlotte C.v

Rachel's advice has been invaluable and given me so much more confidence about my future career, how to search for roles and the flexibility I would like.


  • Will this work for me if I have been out of work a long time?

    Yes! The course is designed for people who have to address a CV gap and may not have looked at their CV for a while.

  • Is this a supported course?

    No, it's a standalone e-learning course. If you're looking for 121 help, please look at the 'with career coaching' version listed below.

  • How long will it take to complete the course?

    This is a short course and our templates are designed to make writing your CV as easy as possible . We know that time is precious to you! The idea is that you could re-write your CV in a short block of time or over a few evenings.

  • How can I contact you?

    Please go to our website: or email or

Are you looking for 121 coaching support?

Our e-learning plus coaching version could be right for you.

Step 1: Work out what to do. Step 2: Rewrite your CV.

Invest in a bundle of 2 core courses - Successfully Design Your Flexible Career After Kids AND The CV Makeover. Normally £148 if bought separately.


Write a CV that gets you that interview!