Work out what you want to do next and then create a great CV!

Our two course bundle to get you started on your career journey.

If you're not sure what to do after a career break, you'll need to take a little time to focus on this before you turn to your CV. In fact, doing it in this order will make your life a lot easier! In this great value bundle, we help you adapt your career AND your CV.

Your courses

  • Successfully Design Your Flexible Career After Kids

    Adapt, pivot and flex your career after kids. Our innovative course helps you to design, test your career ideas and prepare to market yourself.

  • Mastering CVs

    We'll help you write a great CV that showcases your skills and experience. We're specialists in dealing with career gaps and positioning CVs for career change.

Successfully Design Your Flexible Career After Kids + Mastering CVs

Introducing Coaching Partners

Becky Willding-Jones and Rachel Veal

We are HR and career development professionals who help those facing change to relaunch their careers through coaching and training. We use our corporate and freelance experience to support and encourage you with the next step of your career journey.

Our clients say...


Charlotte C.

Rachel's advice has been invaluable and given me so much more confidence about my future career, how to search for roles and the flexibility I would like.

Moving forward

Deborah S.

As a mum of a three year old, working with Rachel really helped me focus my mind on my career aspirations. Our sessions provided quality time to discuss ideas, work through obstacles and clarify my thought processes, from my working style and values to the practical requirements of taking the next step.

Successfully Design Your Flexible Career After Kids

T.A. Nguyen

I've started the course and I’m now on the Job Design section. It becomes more and more interesting, I keep reflecting through my career profile and realise other perspectives that I have not really considered, all very constructive based on a clear framework in the course. I look forward to continuing with the rest and I trust to make a rational decision on my career direction.

Mastering CVs with coaching

Amy A.

Add a one-off coaching session

  • £199.00

    £199.00Career Coaching Bolt-On

    Boost your e-learning bundle with a one-off coaching session (1.5 hours). This virtual session can be used for motivation, advice or to generate ideas. You could use it to check your career plans or your draft CV.
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